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Hip Hop Classes

MONDAYS  Classes starts March 11, 2019!

4:30PM with Ms. Elizabeth

Street Hip Hop Level I (ages 4-8) 

This beginner kids’ class is a fun and energetic introduction to the latest dance moves!  The class is composed of old school styles with a twist of the hottest trends and music. This dance class is set to give a foundation of basic Hip Hop movement, understand rhythm & musicality, direction and level changes.  


4:30PM with Ms. B

​TURN IT UP TEEN HIP HOP (ages 9-15)

Learn the latest street dancing moves from NY, Philly & LA. Dancers will learn to how to control their body movements…and get a great workout in the process!


Teen Hip Hop class is inspired by urban culture and are among our most popular classes!

Each course is designed to allow students to let go and dance without being limited by rules of technique. Classes are athletic and suitable for boys, girls, men, and women of all ages and levels.


4:30PM with Ms. Tedy

Prima Hip Hop (ages 8-13)

Prima Hip Hop is ballet with a funky flare! Learning the basic moves of classical dance while incorporating upbeat music and today's most popular moves. Your child will gain the knowledge about the technical steps in ballet, but feel the freestyle flow of urban hip hop! $130 for 10 week session with Ms. Tedy.


NOON-1PM with Ms Bianca

​Giggle Toes (ages 3-6)

This super fun class will get your little one moving! This introduction to dance is the perfect combination. Children will be introduced to music, choreography and simple moves. Boys and girls welcome! $130 for 10 week sessions with Ms. B.

1PM-2PM with Ms Bianca

​LIL' Showstoppers (ages 7-11)

This fun, high-energy kid's dance class will get your child performance ready. It enables boys to be boys and girls to let loose while developing creativity, coordination, routine building, and listening skills. All music and moves are age appropriate in this fun and show stopping dance class! $130 for 10 week session with Ms. B.

2:00-3:00PM with Ms Kymberlee

Da Divas: (ages 8-13) 

Viva La Divas with Kymberlee is a blend of today’s high energy “Street Style” movement. This uber fun fusion of hip hop and jazz, mixed with lyrical and contemporary techniques gets kids dancing to the most popular music. Kids learn an easy to follow routine to develop coordination, agility, confidence, focus and memory all while having a blast.