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Fall Classes

Twin Lakes Fall 8-week Session


Our class program begins October 1st with a finale showcase will be held at Lakewood School, Twin Lakes


Our practices are closed. Parents are advised to leave your child at the studio during class times to make it a little easier for our instructors.


Beginner Ballet for Little Stars (Ages 3-6)

Tuesdays at 4pm


**Class Duration**: 1 Hour 
**Instructor**: Megan  
**Class Size**: Maximum 12 students  

Class Description:

Welcome to Beginner Ballet for Little Stars! This class is designed for children ages 3-6 who are eager to explore the magical world of ballet. Our sessions are tailored to inspire young minds and bodies through movement, music, and storytelling. In a fun and supportive environment, your little ones will learn the foundational basics of ballet, improve coordination, and develop an appreciation for the arts.


What to Expect:

- **Ballet Basics**: Introduce your child to essential ballet vocabulary and positions.
- **Storytelling through Dance**: Each class will incorporate storytelling elements that allow children to interpret music and rhythm through their movements.
- **Motor Skill Development**: Activities designed to improve coordination, balance, and spatial awareness.
- **Teamwork**: Students will have opportunities to work together in pairs or small groups to encourage socialization and teamwork.
- **Confidence Building**: Performances in class for peers to nurture confidence and stage presence.



- Girls: Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers
- Boys: White T-shirt, black tights or shorts, black ballet slippers

Hair should be pulled back neatly into a bun or ponytail.


Required Materials:

- Water Bottle
- Small Towel
- Ballet slippers


Come dance with us and let your little one shine in our Beginner Ballet for Little Stars class!


Beginner Jazz Dance Class for Kids (Ages 6-10)

Thursdays at 4pm

Class Overview:
Welcome to our Beginner Jazz Dance Class designed specifically for kids aged 6-10! This 60-minute session aims to introduce young dancers to the vibrant world of jazz dance in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. No prior dance experience is necessary; we start with the basics and work our way up!


What to Expect:
- **Warm-up**: Each class will kick off with a 10-minute warm-up to get those muscles moving. We focus on flexibility, balance, and coordination.
- **Basic Techniques**: From jazz squares and kick ball-changes to chassés and pirouettes, you'll learn the essential jazz movements and vocabulary.

- **Rhythm and Timing**: Jazz dance is all about rhythm! We’ll work on listening to the music and understanding how our movements fit within the beat.

- **Combination Routines**: Each class will conclude with a short dance routine that combines all the steps you’ve learned. 

- **Group Interaction**: Teamwork makes the dream work! Jazz is a style that often involves ensemble work, so get ready to collaborate with your classmates.

- **Cool-down**: A 5-minute cool-down with stretching to keep those muscles healthy.


- Comfortable, form-fitting clothing (leotards, tights, dance shorts, tank tops, etc.)
- Jazz shoes are recommended but not mandatory. Socks or bare feet are also acceptable for beginners.


- Each session lasts 60 minutes.

- Improved physical fitness: strength, flexibility, and coordination
- Boost in confidence and self-expression
- Social skills: Teamwork, communication, and listening
- Introduction to basic musicality

Our skilled instructor, Megan, is highly experienced in teaching children and is passionate about sharing the joy of jazz dance. With a focus on individual attention and positive reinforcement, kids will feel empowered to express themselves through dance.

Let’s dance, groove, and have a jazz-tastic time!


Giggle Toes Movement Class for Ages 4-6

Sundays 11am

Class Length: 1 Hour

**Materials Needed**: Comfortable clothes, dance shoes or socks, water bottle


Class Objective:
To introduce young children to the world of dance in a fun and interactive way. We'll focus on basic movements, spatial awareness, rhythm, and most importantly, having a great time!


Class Outline:


**1. Welcome and Check-in** (3 minutes)
- Greet students as they arrive and ask each one to share their favorite animal or color.

**2. Warm-up Circle** (5 minutes)
- All kids and the instructor form a circle.
- March in place, arm circles, and leg stretches.

**3. Circle Time: Animal Adventures** (3 minutes)
- Each child imitates an animal while walking in a circle (e.g., hop like a bunny, crawl like a bear).


**Movement Section**


**4. "Simon Says" Game with Dance Moves** (5 minutes)
- Instructor plays "Simon Says" but with dance moves: "Simon says, jump. Simon says, spin. Touch your toes (without saying Simon says)."

**5. The "Freeze Dance" Game** (5 minutes)
- Play a song, and when the music stops, everyone freezes in their position.

**6. Magical Adventure Dance Story** (7 minutes)
- Instructor narrates a story, and the kids act it out with specific dance moves.
  - "We're going through a forest, tiptoe to avoid waking the animals!"
  - "Jump over the magical river!"
  - "Spin to become invisible when the dragon flies by!"


**Skill-Building Section**


**7. Basic Ballet Positions** (5 minutes)
- Teach 1st and 2nd positions and practice pliés.

**8. The Rainbow Dance** (5 minutes)
- Move arms gracefully to form rainbows, one arm at a time and then both.

**9. Tempo Training** (3 minutes)
- Clap hands or tap feet to slow, medium, and fast beats.


**Cool Down and Closure**


**10. Yoga-Inspired Cool Down** (3 minutes)
- Simple poses like child’s pose and butterfly pose.

**11. Review and Star Stickers** (2 minutes)
- Talk about what they learned today and hand out star stickers.

**12. Goodbye Circle and Song** (2 minutes)
- Children and instructor form a circle, sing a simple goodbye song, and give air high-fives.


Make sure to provide plenty of encouragement and praise throughout the class to keep the kids engaged and boost their confidence.

Enjoy your Giggle Toes Movement class!

Dancing Divas Hip Hop Class: Ages 5-9

Sundays @Noon

Unlock your child's inner dance superstar with our Dancing Divas Hip Hop Class! This action-packed class is perfect for young dancers aged 5-9 who love to move and groove. Your little diva will learn the basics of hip hop dance, including footwork, isolations, and fun choreography, all while developing rhythm, coordination, and confidence. Whether your child is a beginner or already has some dance experience, this class will provide a safe and fun environment for them to express themselves through dance!


Class Highlights:

- **Dynamic Warm-ups**: Get those little feet moving with energetic warm-ups that will get hearts pumping.
- **Age-Appropriate Choreography**: Your child will learn simple yet captivating hip hop routines designed just for them.

- **Dance Games**: Our class isn't just about learning steps; we make sure to incorporate fun dance games that enhance creativity and teamwork.

- **Skill Building**: We focus on core hip hop skills like body isolations, basic breakdancing, and cool poses to ensure that each child gains a strong foundation in hip hop dance.

- **Performance Opportunities**: Show off your child's newfound skills at our end-of-semester recital, where they will get to perform with their classmates in a true showstopper event!


Class Details:

- **Duration**: 1 hour per session
- **Class Size**: Maximum of 12 kids to ensure individual attention


- **Instructor**: Our passionate and experienced instructors are experts at teaching young kids and are fully certified.


What to Wear:

- Comfortable, breathable clothes like leggings or sweatpants and a t-shirt
- Clean sneakers with good grip

Why Choose Our Dancing Divas Hip Hop Class?

- **Building Confidence**: Dancing is a wonderful way to build self-esteem and confidence, as children learn to express themselves through movement.
- **Social Skills**: Your child will have a blast making new friends in a cooperative and non-competitive setting.

- **Physical Fitness**: Dance is a fantastic form of exercise, helping to improve coordination, flexibility, and overall physical health.

Girl's Teen Hip Hop Dance Class (Ages 9+)

Sundays @1pm

Unleash your inner diva and find your groove in our Girl's Teen Hip Hop Dance Class! Specifically designed for young dancers aged 9 and up, this course serves as an engaging introduction to the dynamic world of hip-hop dance. No prior experience is needed—just a love for music and movement!

What to Expect
- **Energetic Warm-Up**: Kick-start your class with an energetic warm-up that focuses on improving flexibility, balance, and stamina.
- **Skill Building**: Learn the fundamental techniques of hip-hop dance, from basic body isolations to complex footwork, and everything in between.
- **Choreography**: Each class will include learning a part of an ongoing routine, culminating in a full dance number you can show off to friends and family.
- **Cool Down**: Wind down with stretching exercises to improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension.


Class Highlights
- Empowering, girl-focused environment.
- Professional, passionate instructors who specialize in hip-hop and youth dance education.
- Opportunity to participate in recitals and community performances.
- A fun and social atmosphere where you can make new friends who share your interests.
Skill Level
- Beginners are welcome!
- This class is tailored for ages 9 and up, but all skill levels are welcome to join and advance at their own pace.

What to Bring
- Comfortable, breathable dancewear (leggings, tank tops, etc.)
- Clean sneakers specifically for indoor use
- A water bottle to stay hydrated
- Your fabulous self!

Join us for a high-energy, empowering experience and groove your way to confidence and skill in the Girl's Teen Hip Hop Dance Class!

Toddler Movement Class: Energize, Engage, and Explore!


**Class Time:** Sundays, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM  
**Age Group:** Toddlers (18 months - 3 years)  
**Parents:** Welcome to stay but not required to


Class Description:

Welcome to our Toddler Movement Class, a dynamic and interactive space designed to foster your child's physical, emotional, and social development! Our carefully curated one-hour session aims to offer a variety of activities that help energize, engage, and explore the world around them. 

Why Choose Our Class?

- **Physical Development:** We work on improving gross motor skills like running, jumping, and balancing, as well as fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination.
- **Social Interaction:** Your toddler will have the chance to meet and interact with peers, encouraging social skills like sharing, cooperation, and taking turns.

- **Creative Expression:** Through dance, imaginative play, and group activities, we help kids express themselves creatively.

- **Parent Involvement:** While parents are welcome to stay and watch their little ones learn and grow, they are not required to participate. Either way, you'll get a glimpse of your child's development and potential.

Class Activities:

1. **Warm-up Games:** Easy and fun activities to get those little bodies moving.
2. **Obstacle Course:** A mini-adventure tailored for tiny feet but big imaginations.

3. **Music and Movement:** Kids will get to groove to the beat and work on rhythm.

4. **Parachute Play:** A colorful parachute to promote teamwork and sensory development.

5. **Cool-down Time:** A short and sweet cool-down activity to wrap up the session.


What To Bring:

- Comfortable clothing that allows for movement.
- A water bottle.
- Non-slip socks or indoor shoes.

We can't wait to welcome you to our energetic community!


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